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Here comes the bridesmaid

<p>Below, the New Year's resolutions we wish ladies would never have</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 27, 2011
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When I like someone, I make the first move. This cute guy from my best friend's wedding was seated next to me during the reception. He was very quiet and shy. Although I noticed that whenever I stood up and got back to my seat, my chair moved closer to him. For at least a couple of times, I caught him taking a glimpse of my cleavage. Later on, we finally talked, he accidentally hit the table and his middle finger got hurt. I took his hand and kissed his finger softly.

We held hands like teenagers under the table for a while. While everyone was busy partying, with the dance floor lasers and flashers as the only source of light, I pulled him closer and led his middle finger inside of me. I wasn't wearing undies. He slowly fingered me but I felt no friction anymore, as my pussy was too damn wet. We decided to go to his car and he was shaking as he drove off. I had to touch myself while he was driving. He was obviously distracted. When he found a place to park, it was just in time for me to reach my orgasm so I pulled his dick and sat on it. It was rock-hard and perfect inside of me.

As he told me he was about to come, I stopped and gave him head instead. He moaned too loud for at least five seconds as his juices squirted down my throat. His tasty love juice was a good capper for the experience!
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