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This Survey Reveals Where Women Want To Have Sex

Nope, it isn't in the bedroom
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 28, 2016
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Think women are boring creatures who only want to get laid in the bedroom? Well, you are dead wrong!

The folks over at mattress retailer Sleep Cupid asked 3,000 adult women to share where they most fantasize about having sex. Stairs came in first, followed by the beach. Big events (think weddings) took the number three spot. Inside a plane, garage, backyard, and office were also of interest. Why women prefer to have sex in these places, however, still remains a mystery.

Speaking of offices, 89.3 percent of the respondents said they've fantasized about making out with a colleague.

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More than 70 percent said they've wanted to do it with the boss, specifically.


As to what stops women from doing so, nearly 40 percent said they are already committed. Roughly 38 percent put the blame on the HR department and 32 percent said they fear public shaming.

And finally, the researchers found out what time of the day women think about sex the most. Results show that 78.7 percent of women think about sex in the evening, 42.3 percent in the afternoon, and 32.9 percent in the morning. Only 8.2 percent think about it during lunch time. Apparently, "food comes before sex."

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