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9 Women Confess Their Hunger For Casual Hookups

Their desires are just as real as yours
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jun 30, 2018
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Guys, this may be a little awkward and shameful for you to admit to someone else, especially to a woman, but rest assured we won’t judge. But most of the time, when you see an alluring lady in the club, mall or bar, (wherever, really) you talk to yourself. You say, "I wanna bed this chick right now." Her personality, her IQ, her social status—none of those matter at that very moment. What is acting out is your primal animalistic hunger for carnal pleasure.

But guess what, women have that, too! According to journalist Daniel Bergner's What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire, most of them won’t admit it, but they want sex just as much as we do, and their sexual drive is not always supported and maintained by emotional intimacy and safety. It also says in the sexologist profiles that they have a craving for sexual variety that equals, if not surpasses, men’s as well.

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As society gradually becomes more open-minded about discussing and expressing sexuality regardless of gender, we asked women to divulge just how common it is for them to sleep with a guy they've just met. We divided the responses into two categories: men they've talked to and met in person for the first time versus men they've known online for a while and met in person for the first time. Trust us, you’re not ready for these answers.

Actual Hookups

“At one point naging habit siya for me. I like striking up conversations with guys wherever I am, and if I like his swagger and his personality, aside from his hot bod of course, he gets to be the lucky one for that night. Ngayon medyo in moderation na ‘ko.” - Nadine, 25

Medyo newbie ako kasi I’ve done it twice pa lang, pero super fun. I recommend other girls din to try, kasi the spontaneity of it is what will fuel your sex drive. Like you’ll keep wanting more rounds. Would definitely do it again every time I get the chance.” - Nica, 22

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"Sometimes when my fanny is in heat, wala na, finish na. My legs are open for any guy who's man enough to water my flower." - Lisa, 26

“It’s not something I plan on doing when I decide to go out. Parang if it happens, it happens. Siyempre I ask the necessary questions in case he’s not the guy I think he is. Ayun, advice lang: if you’re too paranoid and doubtful about the guy, don’t do it. Trust your instincts. You won’t enjoy the journey to bed if you’re too occupied about those things.” - Dennise, 30

"Sure, basta may condom si guy and sagot niya yung hotel or sa place niya. Pero better if he's going to take me out to dinner first before we go at it. If wala, okay lang din naman as long as wala akong gastos except maybe pamasahe." - Megan, 24

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Virtual Hookups

“There was one stranger I started talking to online, and in about an hour, he was in front of the house already. Naguilty ako na he drove pa from Alabang, so I gave him his reward na sa kwarto for his effort.” - Anne, 28

“Actually, masaya din siya for roleplaying. I met this guy online then we decided to roleplay as a couple (WARNING: DO NOT TRY IF YOU GET EASILY ATTACHED) and we pretend-shopped sa department store. To cut the long story short, I tried on different booty shorts for him to tease him a little bit before asking him to do me right there and then.” - Coleen, 27

“I’m a bit more choosy now then I was nung bata pa ‘ko. I meet people for coffee dates muna or talk to them at length online or wherever before fooling around.” - Rachel, 33

"It's always practical to get to know the guy at least online muna. I won't hook up with guys, like, on the spot kunwari sa bar? No. Kahit mag-usap pa kaming matagal doon. I don't feel comfortable enough." - Andrea, 18

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