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Here's How Long Sex Should Last According To Science

And the magic number is...
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 6, 2016
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You've probably wondered how long sex should last for one reason or another. Now thanks to science we can finally answer the burning question.

In his quest to find out "what exactly is the mean intravaginal ejaculation latency time," Dr. Brendan Zietsch, the lead researcher of the study, asked 500 couples from around the world to time themselves while having sex for four weeks.

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To make sure they weren't going to lie about the results, the participants had to use a stopwatch. They had to tap start the moment the yogurt-slinger has been inserted and press stop when the man experiences the magical moment.


"You may note this could affect the mood somewhat, and might perhaps not exactly reflect the natural flow of things. But science is rarely perfect, and this is the best we've got," Zietsch wrote in an article published on The Conversation.

The results shows that sex sessions lasted anywhere between 33 seconds to 44 minutes with 5.4 minutes being the average time.

Zietsch also found out that wearing condom or being circumcised had no impact on staying power, while older couples' intimate moments tended to end more quickly.

So there you have it bros. If you last longer than 304 seconds then that means you're doing just fine. Congratulations!


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