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How To Be The Best Instagram Boyfriend, According To The #BloggerJowas

Because behind every woman’s perfect picture is a supportive photographer BF
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 17, 2017
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The Instagram Boyfriends are the unsung heroes of the social media-obsessed woman. They are the new breed of men who defy the odds just to give their partners the perfect shot.

They do this all in the name of love. These men will do anything just to please their woman—stand up on a unstable chair, dive under water, look silly as fuck—just to get that perfect shot.   

Some of them are even willing toput their lives at risk. In fact, there’s even an international Facebook account made as a tribute for their gallant efforts. 

Here in the Philippines, Instagram Boyfriends are also slowly making their own mark. And probably the most popular ones are those of bloggers Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Nicole Andersson, Patricia Prieto, and Lissa Kahayon.

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Everyone, meet Miggy Cruz (#BaeMyStyle), Joni Koro (#Baenyaga), Slater Young (#PBBae), Santi Cua (#BaesinessMan), Mark Schulze (#BukidBae), and Kako Cojuangco (#Abaegado). Collectively, this group of young men are known as the #BloggerJowas.



The Blogger Jowas have started documenting their adventures (and misadventures) as the boyfriends of some of the most famous social media influencers in the country. In their Instagram account (which now has 54K followers as of writing), the boys proudly share the funny behind-the-scenes moments that have helped in achieving their girls' viral Instagram posts.

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“We believe that the Blogger Jowas deserve the spotlight once in a while. We stand with the other IG Boyfriends who tirelessly take photos for their jowas without any hesitation and complaints. We also saw it as an opportunity to poke fun at our girlfriends and their perfect feeds,” the group told in an interview.

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“Our girlfriends think we're fun and gullible so we just usually go with the flow. We're professional plus ones and camera phone photographers. We can be caption machines and we can also be human tripods,” the group jokingly shares. “Technically, we're the complete package. We'd like to believe that it's our good-looks that make us so lovable, but we'll just have to settle with being funny... #BigyanNgJoward.”

Now if you’re planning to please your IG-loving woman (and if your girl idolizes their girlfriends' amazing IG feeds), here are some easy tips to help you take your jowa-photography game to the next level.

1) Pick your spots

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"Whether it be a random wall in a shady eskinita or a fancy 5-star resort, you'll need to find the perfect spot to shoot. It might take a while so it helps to be on the lookout all the time. Bonus points when you're the one who finds the spot first. #RespekYourPader"

2) Angle management

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"Can't stress this enough. Capturing your jowa's angle can be pretty tricky and dangerous. Very dangerous. Proceed with caution. #AngGuloMinsan"

3) Patience is not just the key

"It's the entire goddamn house, the car, or whatever keyhole it may be. You got to have patience when shooting your girl (with a camera of course!). You wouldn't want your girl feeling awkward when she sees you getting frustrated while taking her photos. Lose your temper and it's going to be #Jowarmageddon."

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4) Just have fun with it

"You're already there so might as well enjoy it. You might even learn a thing or two from your jowas, like how to make aura, be emotera, or make the sakit ulo pose work for you. How do you think we landed this gig? Plus, your jowa will love you for it. Girls love guys who are #Jowanderstanding. Don't fall for the 'Babe last photo na, promise.' #ItsATrap"

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