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How To Dump The Girl You're (Kinda, Sorta) Dating

It's tricky to break up with someone who isn't even your girlfriend
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 11, 2017
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In today's dating scene, it could be easy to find yourself in some kind of pre-exclusive relationship—a status which means you're still single, but not exactly single, because you're seeing someone (but not exclusively). Confused? Well, the categories of these not-so-exclusive relationships can range from "we're just enjoying each other's company" to friends with benefits.

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Just like any other regular relationship, some work and others don't. Just because you aren't mutually exclusive, it doesn't mean you have the right to ghost the gal when you find a serious potential partner. At some point, you still owe her an explanation.

We know this could be quite tricky (and awkward), so we're listing some helpful tips below:

1) Rehearse what you plan to say ensure that you are calm and composed on the day you decide to end the relationship. Blindly going into the conversation without a plan is risky because you may end up blurting out more than you intend to, hurting her even more in the process.

2) Be sensitive

Maria Lourdes Laydia, a registered clinical psychologist and psychometrician, advises: "Remember the golden rule: Do it and break it to her the way you would like it to be done to you if you were in her place."

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3) Don't do it over a romantic dinner

You're going to tear her heart into pieces, so don't take her on a romantic date. Instead, break the news in a more private area, like her place, where she'd be comfortable. If she cries, do her a favor and allow her to pour it out to make herself feel better. If she gets angry, that's understandable. Take it, man. 

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4) Tell her it's over and give her a short explanation

Simply tell her that you should no longer see each other. If you've found someone new, let her know. There's no need to prepare a speech-long justification on why you'd like to end things.

5) At least text her

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If you're too coward to do it in person, at least send her an SMS. It might not be nice to end the relationship this way, but at least you didn't leave the person hanging.

6) Don't offer to stay friends

Why did you even decide to break up with her? Make up your mind.

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