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How To Get More Sex (According To Recent Studies)

Did you know that having a dog and doing household chores can help you score?
by Cia Juan | Jul 6, 2014
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Fact: Married people are getting less sex compared to widowed or separated ones. According to the Philippine Wellness Index study released by PhilhealthCare Inc. last June, married individuals get an average of 2.95 sex sessions per week, widows get 4.33, while separated ones get 4.38

“The study tells us that married couples should work more to build intimacy in the marriage because a healthy sex life equates to psychological health,” said Dr. Liza Espiritu, clinic operations manager of PhilhealthCare Inc.

Of course, we should all follow the doctor's advice! And to further learn about it, we actually read those nerdy science journals, all in the name of sex! Whether you're married or still hunting for prospects out there, here's what you need to know:


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For your #BalikAlindog mission, know that egalitarian marriages (where husband and wife share household chores) are usually the happiest, according to studies. Specifically, marriages where the husband does plenty of traditionally male chores reported a 17.5 percent higher frequency of sex than those in which the husband is a lazy-ass.

But couples where men do feminine chores reported lower sexual frequency, according to the American Sociological Review. The study involved different races in the US (read the full paper here).

What are traditionally male chores? They include doing household repairs, doing yard work, and of course, paying for bills.

Why is that? Men and women have “sex scripts” or expectations of what’s “sexy.” Even in married life, couples continue to send signals of “sexiness” to each other in terms of house work.    


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We know feminists as the independent and man-hating types, but a study from Sex Roles journal found that couples (married and unmarried) wherein at least one partner identified himself or herself as a “feminist” reported more frequent and more satisfying sex lives.    

Why is that? Feminist women may be more assertive about what they want in bed. Feminist men may be more committed to satisfying their partners.    

3)   GET A DOG

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It’s official: Women just can’t resist a cute dog! Another study found that women are three times more likely to give their number to a man if he’s accompanied by a dog.  

Why is that? Having a dog signals care-taking and other pro-social behaviors necessary for the survival of the species 


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Not into dogs? Bring a guitar insteada woman is more likely to give her number to a guy carrying a guitar case than a man holding a gym bag, according to a study from the Psychology of Music.

In another study published in Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, women are more likely to add and respond to a Facebook user whose profile picture shows a man with a musical instrument. #AlamNa

Why is that? Women associate musical talent with intellectual ability. Plus, you'll look cool, fun, and sophisticated.


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As if you don't know it yet, women are more sexually attracted to a man if he's buying a luxury product (like a Porsche) than if the same man is purchasing a non-luxury item (like an owner-type jeepney). 

But here’s the catch: Men who purchase luxury goods are perceived as more sexually attractive as short-term, but not long-term partners, according to a US study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  

Why is that? Men with resources are sending an evolutionary message that they can provide. But women may not like impractical spenders for a long-term partner.

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