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This Website Teaches You How To Make Your Girl Orgasm

Behold, a treasure trove of answers to woman pleasing-related questions you're too ashamed to ask.
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 6, 2016
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Having trouble getting your girl off?

Frustrated that your foreplay skills are basically useless?

Don't call your group's self-proclaimed sexpert just yet, bro. Why not visit OMGYES first? We're sure you'll find it really, really interesting.

OMGYES is a site dedicated to exploring and teaching the methods of pleasuring women based on hard (pun shamelessly intended) research. Using data from the University of Indiana and the Kinsey Institute (an esteemed institution that studies human sexuality), the site gives the clueless solid advice on making a lady orgasm.

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Their findings suggest that women share similar techniques in achieving the Big O. The site named and categorized these trends and explained them further for the common folk to understand.


Aside from third-party research, OMGYES also did some real-world data-gathering of their own. The site asked 2,000 women to discuss different pleasuring methods which you can view through the site's NSFW videos and interactive multimedia content for mobile devices.


Simply put, OMGYES is your guide in the bedroom and a treasure trove of answers to sex-related questions you're too ashamed to ask.

Here's the deal: All that kinky knowledge comes at a price. For a one-time payment of $39 (around P1,800), you'll have access to tons of videos, interactive clips, and a 12-part tutorial on you-know-what.

Sure, it ain't cheap. But, when it comes to improving your sex life, it's a darn good investment.

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