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How To Pick Up Women Without Your Pants On And Other Horrible Ordeals

We're not terribly adept at talking to women we don't know. But after watching this YouTube channel, we feel empowered!        
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 24, 2014
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If there's one thing we're good at, it's staring at hot women.

If there's one thing we're not so good at, it's approaching these women in hopes of a hook-up. We've read many self-help books, even consulted with our good friend Master Suplado Stanley Chi—but to no avail.

We still turn into stone the moment our buddy says, "O, ayan pre, walang kasama, kausapin mo na." To which we usually come up with a lame excuse such as, "Sus, hindi naman maganda yan eh"...even if deep inside we know the girl's a 10.

And here's where a recent YouTube discovery of ours comes in: Simple Pickup.

Simple Pickup is a channel that demonstrates and teaches how you can approach women—no matter what her rating is, and no matter what your rating is for yourself. From instructionals to a general dissection of the dating scene, there's a a good serving of helpful stuff here for anyone who's ever been a frustrated Barney Stinson.

Behind the channel that routinely garners millions of views are three regular Joes—the Asian Kong, the Caucasian Jason, and the Indian Jesse—who all have a gift that we like to call "kapal ng mukha."

Their theory is all you really need to meet girls is a dump truck's worth of kakapalan—whether you're a bit on the plump side, are eternally emo or use really, really cheesy pick-up lines.

Below are some of our favorites:

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1) Fat suit shenanigans

Modern society has bombarded us with the message that you need abs to be attractive to women. That's half-true but only to a certain extent. The episode below has Jason putting on a fat suit to see if women would be turned off immediately if they saw his weight dilemma.


2) The path of ultimate cheesiness

You've watched all those John Lloyd movies, and have probably memorized all the sweet cheesy lines. But have you ever said those words to a woman you haven't met? Will they work? Better than we imagined, actually.


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