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How To Say Boobs In 99 Different Ways

Racks, melons, funbags, twins, double lattes, ode to joys, and 93 more names for the best pair in the human body!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 24, 2015
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Breasts, mammaries, busts, bewbs, front bumpers, racks, boobage, melons, papayas, puppies, twins, fun bags, juggies, etc.

You can blame human nature, a quirk in our DNA, or the aliens tampering with our gene pool (Google "History Channel Giorgio" right now); all we know is man will always be obsessed with boobs. We're so fascinated with 'em that we've thought of almost a hundred different ways to call it.

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This leads us to our YouTube Find of the Day: An awesome boob-fanatic collated 99 fancy words and slangs for mammaries and used it to make "99 Words For Boobs"—a song dedicated to the jiggliest pair known to man, to the tune of Goldfinger's "99 Red Balloons." We see what you did there, buddy!

It begins with some jugs and orbs...

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...and immediately gets interesting with sweater stretchers and lung protectors! (Wait, ain't that supposed to be the rib cage?)

Double lattes, and Ode To Joys, FTW!

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Want more boobs, er, terms? Check out the full video below!

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