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How To Tell Her She Smells Funky Down There

It can be a really tricky and sticky situation to find yourself in, so tread carefully
by Z Vicente | Mar 28, 2016
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There aren't a lot of things that can compare to the feeling of being able to drive a woman wild when you go down on her—even if sometimes the experience ain't all unicorns and rainbows.

A little too much shrubbery is one thing, but here's a bigger concern: a strong, not-so-savory smell emanating from her nether regions.

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Dr. Jennifer Co, president of the Philippine Infectious Diseases Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology explains that although it’s normal for your woman’s lady bits to have a distinct aroma, a strong, foul, fishy odor is something that should ring some bells—not just for your sake, but more for her genital health.

Ito ‘yung tinatawag na bacterial vaginosis,” says Dr. Co. “Supposedly kasi, dapat acidic ang pH ng vagina. Kapag na-alter ‘yung pH level, na-e-eradicate ‘yung good bacteria at dumadami ‘yung ibang mikrobyo sa vagina kaya parang nagkakaro'n ng infection,” she continues.

But you shouldn’t fret though! Dr. Co assures that bacterial vaginosis is not sexually transmittable.

So, on to the more pressing matter: How do you tell your gal that her special lady scent just ain’t so fresh—without offending or embarrassing her?

First off, don’t go running to your bros about this. It's just not cool.

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According to Editor-in-Chief Jillian Gatcheco: “It’s better to be straightforward than to beat around the bush (no pun intended!). It’s best to tell your girlfriend in private, [but] never before or after sex.”

Telling her right before sex will of course kill the mood, and telling her afterward will only make her feel bad about having had to put you through that ordeal.

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The most ideal time would probably be when you’re chilling in bed, with Game of Thrones on, so the setting is more laidback, casual, and totally non-confrontational.

“Then, an innocent yet on-point remark like, ‘Babe, you smell different lately—did you change your feminine wash?’ can do the trick,” says Gatcheco.


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