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Women Reveal Exactly How You Can Win Back Your Ex

That is, if you want her (and if she wants you) back
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 23, 2017
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Getting your girl back after a breakup is no easy task. Contrary to what romantic movies have been showing you all these years, chasing her car, sleeping at her doorstep, and getting soaked in the rain while proclaiming your undying love for her don't ensure winning back her affection.

If she said she’s over you, she might mean exactly that. But there's also a possibility that she’s just waiting for you to change your evil ways and make a move. The only thing we know for sure is that you’ll need some advice on wooing her once more. So, we decided to go straight to the source (women) and ask them for some helpful tips. Take time to take notes, gents!

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“Ask advice from her friends who know her best. If you have the guts, ask her siblings, too. Just don’t be creepy about it. It shows that you’re willing to make the effort to discuss things with the people she loves.”—Karen,28

“If you want to win your girlfriend back, be sincere. Make her feel that you’ve already changed and you really love her. Even if she pushes you away, don’t give up. That is if you really wanna get her back.”—Kei,25

“Winning an ex back actually depends on the reason for the breakup. If it’s because of cheating, it might not be easy. But with outpoured love, effort, and patience, it’s possible. Plus, you have to make her feel secure and earn her trust all over again.”—Joi,27


“For me, consistency would be the best way to win your ex-girlfriend back. Make her feel special like no other and don’t make her feel like she’s not a priority for you.”—Dawn, 26

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“If you really want to win her back, make her feel that you’re serious about your intentions. Text her regularly or visit her from time to time (if she agrees). Don’t expect her to be chummy with you, but perhaps after a few meetings, you’ll probably get there.”—Marjorie, 24

“To quote Solenn Heussaff’s sister at the Nico x Solenn wedding, ‘play hard to get.' Make her miss you for a little while but show how much of a catch you still are (maybe on Facebook or other social media platforms). It can totally drive a girl crazy and make her want you back. But don’t be gone for too long. Wait for the right moment to tell and show her you miss her. Prepare a whole spiel about how you’ll make it work (and mean it!).”—Ginyn, 25

“Show that you actually paid attention to the little things that matter to her. And make sure your gestures aren’t cliché and by the book, but informed by actual knowledge about your ex-girlfriend.” —Shayne,24

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“I just got back with my ex. It has been a year since we broke up. He approached me and asked if we wanted to give our relationship another try. We talked about what went wrong the first time, and had a feasible plan to change it. Remember, if you don’t plan on talking about your past issues, then there’s no point on getting back together. Most likely, this will be the same problem and cause of break up sooner or later.”—Diane, 29

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