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REAL TALK: 10 Women Share How They Dealt With A Guy Who Couldn't 'Get It Up'

When your thing can't do it's thing, they have answers
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 9, 2016
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The ultimate goal of any man in the bedroom is to make sure his girl is as "happy" as he is after the deed.

However, a survey conducted by the makers of the fertility app Kindara showed that over half of the 500 women they talked to don't get sexually satisfied. The reasons vary—from a lack of emotional connection to erection problems. We can do little about the former, but when it comes to manoy having a hard time (pun shamelessly intended) springing into life, the opposite sex have several ways of coping.

To give you an idea, we reached out to women aged 18 to 35 and asked them: "How do you deal with a partner who's having a hard time getting it up?"

Below are their eye-opening answers. Maybe your girl can learn a thing or two if you're suffering from the same sad fate.

"Let's say, hindi tinatayuan si boyfriend. Siyempre gagawa ka ng bagay na makakapag-turn-on sa kanya. I think the best way is to give him a blowjob. Pag bino-blowjob tumitigas 'di ba? I don't think any man can resist that." —Poks, 26

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"I give him a blowjob. If wala pa rin, I ask my partner na gawan niya ng paraan. By paraan, I mean allow him to do anything with my body para lang tumigas siya. If that still fails, then it's time to walk out." —Anne, 20

I allow him to watch porn muna. I stay by his side and play with his hotdog. Who will not get turned-on with that?" —Coleen, 23

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"Sabi nga ni
Spongeboob, 'use your imagination.' So don't limit yourselves. Kami ng partner ko, pinag-uusapan namin 'yong kinky stuff na gusto niya gawin." —Marian, 18

"When my boyfriend has an erection problem, I give him a hand job. There's no way na isusubo ko yung [limp] dick niya. I just can't imagine." —Ena, 30


"I've read from Cosmo that the fastest way para mapa-erect si boyfriend is to give him a blowjob habang may Halls candy ka sa mouth mo. I've tried it and it actually works. Sabi nga ng partner ko it gave him a tingling feeling dahil menthol yung candy.” —Danica, 28

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"When my partner is underperforming I feel bored and offended. There are times I get pissed off. Pinag-aawayan pa namin 'yan. I don't like doing blowjob, hand job or any kind of -jobs. He can go down on me. If that doesn't work, umaalis na lang ako." —Tings, 24

"I'm not the kind of person who is into super kinky stuff. I just blow...into the ears of my partner. In no time, he gets hard." —Annie, 35

"I touch myself in front of him when his dick doesn't cooperate. He goes wild when she sees me touch myself. At first, I didn't feel comfortable doing it but if that helps him, why wouldn't I do it?" —Roni, 28

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"May nabasa ako
from a book before na men are extremely visual so a tantalizing way to get a guy hard is by showing him what he likes. Tinry ko kasi I was pretty curious. It worked. When I asked him, he said it was effective because yung imagination niya was stimulated better.” —Paula, 33


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