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#BoobsVsButts: Infographic Shows Pinoys Prefer Boobs!

It's (kinda) official: Filipinos are boob guys!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 15, 2014
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FHM Nation, this infographic shows the popularity of boobs and butts worldwide.

boobs vs butts

And apparently, the Philippines in general is a boob-worshipping country!

That deserves a toast, donchathink?

boobs vs buttsGIF via

The image, created by Pornhub, shows which search term is more popular per country within the site. You have to admit, it does give a general idea of which side this part of the world is on in the great butts vs. boobs debate.

What makes it more "legit" is the fact that Pornhub is one of the largest porn sites today, which means they have awesome amounts of info curated from the world's horniest people at their disposal. Numbers matter, fellas!

On a more global perspective though, it looks like the Western hemisphere is more about butts while we Eastside residents prefer a nice bouncy pair upfront:

boobs vs butts

So that's why it didn't take that long for Kim Kardashian's butt to dominate the online sphere of the US of A! But who are we kidding, right? She broke the Internet in every country!

But make no mistake: We love female bewbs, so keep your man tits all to yourself, bud!

boobs vs buttsGIF via Doumanagi009

Just kidding. This is actually what we want you to see.

GIF via

And just in case that wasn't enough...

GIF via

But before any of you take to the streets and declare that one body part is better than the other, can we just say both are just as awesome? Our GIF-tastic evidences are here and here.

boobs vs buttsGIF via Animationalley

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