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International Playgirl

Conservative Davaoeña learns how to do it the wild way with her naughty foreigner boyfriend.<br />
| Sep 7, 2006
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I visited my partner who lived abroad, you might think I’m the ultra-liberal type because I have a foreigner boyfriend—but no, I consider myself shy when it comes to sex. But that all changed on my first evening in his turf. One night we were on our way to a restaurant for dinner, a good 30-minute drive from his place. But that night’s traffic was rather heavy. To pass time, my partner slyly suggested we do something. He then began to slowly run his hand up my knee, until he reached my silk panties. He pulled aside the thin piece of material that separated his fingers from my already swollen clitoris. Starting slowly, he then finger-fucked me faster and faster. All this time we were not moving and although I was very aroused I still noticed the strange looks we were getting from the other’s stuck on traffic (we were quite conspicuous—he drives a Hummer!).

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