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Is Anal Sex Safe?

Experts say...
by Charlain Austria | Jun 23, 2016
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You badly want to add some thrill to your sex life and the idea of anal sex suddenly popped into your mind. But while it is kinky and amusing, you are also dying to know: Is it really okay to insert your penis inside her anus?

Let's get this one out of the way: According to Dr. Jean Mendoza, a gastroenterologist, anal intercourse carries a high transmission risk for some diseases. "In particular, it is a remarkably efficient way of passing on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) than other sexual activities, particularly for the receptive partner." 

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Post-anal vaginal intercourse and oral sex are also a big no as your penis may be carrying a bacteria called E.coli which can cause urinary tract infection (UTI) and serious kidney infections, Dr. Mendoza adds.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tyler Ong, a psychologist and a sex therapist, says the anal region is host to multiple bacteria so regardless of the sexually transmitted disease (STD) status of either partner, care must be taken into consideration.

"It can be safe, but with the proper protection and procedures," Dr. Ong suggests. As these steps may be time consuming if you're so excited, we say patience and safety first.


"First, you both should undergo regular check-ups. Second, always use condoms but learn how to use the condom properly. Colonics or enemas might be best for the 'receiving' partner before the act so as to 'cleanse' the colon and anus of any residual fecal matter," advises Dr. Ong.

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Anal sex, he says, can also be fun with the help of sex toys, finger, or tongue. But he reminds everyone to clean their anal region first, and sterilize the objects inserted into the anus before and after the deed.

To sum up, it's okay to have anal sex if you and your partner agree to the parameters of the act, and if both of you follow what our sex therapist says is a the most basic requirement: "Safety considerations must be at the top of one's priority."


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