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How To Make Your Tinder Profile More Attractive, According To Self-Confessed Tinderellas

Describe yourself (and not by using your favorite song lyric)
by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 19, 2018
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One of the hardest parts of online dating is creating your profile. First off, there’s the challenge of choosing what pictures to use. To make things even worse, you have to endure the hardship of writing a witty description to accompany your profile, too. Making a good impression online is hard work. But remember, your dating profile is the first opportunity to show people what you have to offer. If you want to charm someone (whether you’re just in it for the fun or actually searching for something serious), it’s best to make your profile stand out from the thousands of other users out there.

When it comes to dating apps like Tinder, the judgment all boils down to  a swipe of the finger.

To help you out, elisted the help of some self-confessed Tinderellas. We asked these ladies to dish the deets about their online dating profile pet peeves. Here’s what they had to say.

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Please don’t use couple pictures (unless you’re looking for a threesome)

“I don’t get it when you post a picture of you with your girlfriend. Like, what’s the point? This is only acceptable if your partner knows that you’re using the app, and you’re in an open relationship. If not, mahiya ka naman sa kanya!” - Lei, 27

“It’s okay to post pictures of you and your girlfriend if you’re looking for a threesome—which of course, you have to admit on your profile. If not, please spare her from your infidelity.”  – Audrey, 29

“You know what’s worse than couple pictures? Couple wedding pictures! Some guys have the guts to post that! Di ko talaga ma-gets. Not everyone on Tinder will tolerate your cheating ass.” – Ana, 30

Even worse: family pictures with children 

“Please refrain from posting family pictures or photos of you with your kids. I know, they look cute, but, seriously?! Looking for hook-ups tapos may picture ng anak?” -  Trisha, 29

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“FYI Tinder is not Facebook or Instagram. Save the sappy family pictures for your social media accounts.”  - Mika, 31

Save the frames and OA filters for Facebook and Instagram

“We want to see your face, so please, as much as possible, don’t over-filter that photo! Yung iba may weird effects pang ginagamit sa picture. Mukha ka bang abstract sa personal?” – Rachel, 25

“Facebook frames are a nice touch. But we don’t want to see what NBA team you're rooting for on Tinder. Yung iba pa dyan, iisang picture lang gamit tapos paiba-iba lang ng frame.” – Patty, 26

Pets are cute, but...

“We get it, you’re an animal lover and your pet dog is cute. But we want to see your face. We have no plans of hooking up with your dog." - Carla, 29


Come on, guys! It’s 2018! Sa Krusty Krab ka pa rin nag-wo-work?

Akala ko dati sa age range ko (30 to 40 years old) ay puro professionals na ang makikita ko sa Tinder. I can’t believe it, meron pa ring nagttrabaho sa ‘Krusty Krab’ at saE di sa puso mo!’  I hate to judge pero di siya na-ka-ka-turn on, guys.” – Maria, 25

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“I don’t know kung matatawa or maawa ba ako pag nakikita ko yung ‘Tambay lang’ sa description sa profile. Maybe gusto siya ng iba, pero, effort naman, para sa'yo rin yun.” – Emma, 27

Please describe yourself

“Believe it or not, most women will appreciate if you don’t leave the description part of your profile blank. Ladies want to get know you, not just through pictures. Having a complete dating profile actually levels up your chance of attracting someone that’s a catch—well, that is, if you’re not just there for hook-ups.” – Gina, 28

“Honestly, I swipe right based on pictures, but seeing one or two sentences describing you adds instant pogi points. The effort counts. Put yourself out there!” – Janine, 28

“Adding details to your profile is the best way to help someone know you. Even the simple ‘I love to (blank)’ makes your profile more legitimate. At least, we’re sure that you’re a real person and you’re not using pictures of others just to have more matches.” – Michelle, 30

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“Aside from the pictures, it’s the details that make your profile come alive. Wag naman puro looks! Nagbabasa rin kami ng profile, boys! ” Sarah, 22

“If you’re not confident with your writing skills, making a list is the way to go. Just enumerate facts about you or your hobbies or anything you want to share. Bulleted items are a quick way for us to know you better.” – Paula, 25

But of course, leave the ladies wanting more

“When we say write something in your profile, we don’t mean na parang resume. Just give us a sneak peek, and not the whole picture. Leave the other details para sa ‘get to know’ part.” -  Mel, 29

“Now’s your chance to show the ladies how witty you are! Kahit funny na one liner lang yan, or quote or song lyric lang, sometimes, that’s enough to make us ‘swipe right.’ Pero please, wag naman gasgas na pick-up lines.” – Bea, 24

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Say what you’re looking for

“If you want a serious relationship, someone na kasama lang, or even just a fuck buddy, please say what you’re looking for in your profile. You’ll actually attract more people who are looking for the same thing if you put it out there.” – Aly, 23

“If you are committed, a single dad, or whatever, it’s better to state it. Some might not be interested in dating someone with kids, but some might not mind at all. We’re all adults here, and we appreciate the honesty.”  - Ciara, 27

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