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#PASILIP: Your Favorite Koreana Returns In Jinri Experience 2

Jinri Park is extremely sexy in Jinri Experience 2!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 29, 2014
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FHM's favorite Koreana has returned...in gravure photobook form at least.

Jinri Park flew back to her home land, South Korea, a few months ago. Luckily for all the Jinjas out there, us included, she left us a beautiful parting gift: Jinri Experience 2!

Originally published in September 2013, the photobook has now been reissued for more eyes to see!

In this sequel to Jinri Experience—considered to be the first "gravure" book in the Philippines—the former FHM Cover Girl offers nearly 100 pages of herself, and herself only. From the countryside to the beach, Jinri—in her lingerie, bikini, short shorts, and bra-less plaid shirt—takes our hand, and gives us quite the voyeuristic views of her unforgettable body.

But why wax poetic when we could just show you pictures? We borrowed a copy from the man behind Jinri Experience 2, FHM lensman Jay Tablante, and sneakily took photos of the pages with our camera-phone.

If these don't convince you to snag a copy for yourself, we don't know what will:

NEXT: Bikini Jinri, Wet T-Shirt Jinri, and Topless Jinri! 

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