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Kate Upton's Touchdown Salsa and Her Greatest Dancing (And Non-Dancing) GIFs

So there's a new Kate Upton viral dance video... You know the drill, boys: Kate Upton + dancing = the best GIFs ever!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 28, 2014
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We all know Kate Upton loves to dance. And we also know that the whole world stops when she does.

Her most recent one involves a much bouncier version of the New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz's signature celebratory touchdown dance.



For those who aren't familiar with Cruz and his signature salsa dance, here's a sample:


Even though Kate isn't bikini-clad in this one, it proves that she's got a lot of viral-worthy dance moves up her sleeve. Some of them are even better in GIFs.

Yes, G-I-F-S!

You know what comes next! Get ready for more Kate Upton Booty-Boobs-And-Whole-Body-Shaking!

Her dougie started it all...

Yes Kate, just move it side to side

Then she did the "Cat Daddy"

Then she just kept on grinding. She really, really loves to dance...

...Whether on water or on land

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