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LOOK: Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowski Join Forces For Topless Selfie

They're out to break the internet, one nude photo at a time
by Andrei Medina | Mar 31, 2016
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Kim Kardashian West is back with her Internet-breaking ways, posting recently another controversial selfie, this time with model-actress Emily Ratajkowski.

The photo, which was uploaded on Kim’s Instagram account, showed the pair posing completely topless in a restroom with their middle fingers raised in an apparent message to their haters.

Emily also uploaded the photo on her Twitter account, where she added a series of tweets to provide context to why they did it.

Earlier this month, Kim posted a solo nude selfie during International Women’s Day. It sparked debates and intense online discussion between netizens regarding feminism and other issues revolving around the topic. The varied reactions could be sum up to two sides: those who believe that it was an attempt to empower women by being proud of their bodies and those who say that it was just another shameless attention-seeking stunt.

But foreign celebrities Courtney Stodden and Sharon Osbourne took it to the extreme by supporting Kim through posting their own version of her nude selfies.

The 21-year-old Courtney:

The 63-year-old Sharon:

Emily, a supermodel who gained international fame after appearing in the music video for "Blurred Lines," for her part, has written an impassioned essay condemning body-shaming. She's also a known nude selfie enthusiast.

Kim and Emily’s post currently has 1.1 million likes as of this writing.


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