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Why The Kivin Method Is The Kinkiest (And Most Effective) Oral Sex Technique

It promises to give your lady the most intense orgasms
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 16, 2018
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The men of Reddit recently discovered an oral sex practice that promises to give ladies the most intense orgasms.

Called the Kivin Method, this technique is done when you lie sideways while your partner is on her back, instead of the usual practice where you put your mouth is placed right between her legs.

"The Kivin Method of oral sex gives 60 percent of women a faster and more intense orgasm because it stimulates more of the clitoris," says registered sex therapist Dr. Patti Britton of website Ask The Sex Coach. "Most women climax after three minutes and all in under 12."

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1) Ask your partner to lie on her back

2) Position yourself oh her side, between her legs

3) Put two fingers on both sides of her clitoris to raise and steady it

4) Slowly sweep your tongue back and forth feeling for two tiny bumps on each side of the hood

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5) Using a finger from your free hand, press into her perineum (the area between the anus and the vulva)

6) As you feel her nearing orgasm, transfer your tongue from the side to the head of her clitoris

Sounds complicated? A Reddit user made a diagram to help you out:

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Ladies from the Reddit thread also shared what they think of the Kivin Method (spoiler: they agree 100 percent that this is effective):

"Definitely everyone’s different, however as a woman, I can totally attest to this method! Up and down is actually sometimes a little painful for me as I’m very sensitive, side to side feels amazing!" -aant85

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"Doing it from the side makes SO much sense, for both parties. For me, it feels way better when my husband turns his head sideways instead of going up and down. It more accurately mimics the movement I would make with my hand if I were masturbating. And I imagine it’s a lot easier on his tongue." -_see_pee

"Makes perfect sense! What works best for me is when hubs basically has his tongue out and shakes his head back and forth (like shaking your head 'no'), so it's the side to side motion. I'll let him know about this, see if it's less energy for him." - Flamingonotgone

"One partner did this, and I basically feel in love with the idiot." - Cfchicka

"Side to side yes!!!!!" - yazminnie

"I prefer the side to side method personally. However, please ask ANYONE before going for the butthole. If anyone tries to touch my asshole without asking first, I just leave. I hate it so much. I wish it wasn't just presumed that everyone likes anal play." - PrettyPandaPrincess

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