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Ladies' Confessions: At the Drive-In

Still the only place on Earth where it feels good being talked about by brutally honest girls
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 2, 2012
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While waiting for our turn at our favorite motel, my boyfriend and I started getting busy in his car. It started with him fiddling me down there. But I really wanted to make sure he’d do me like crazy as soon as we got a room. So I took off my bra under my blouse and gave him a peek of my breasts. He was so horny that he took out his cock and told me to give him a hand job while he serviced me in return.

In the heat of the moment, the bellboy knocked on our window, which had me hurriedly covering
my boyfriend’s hand as my guy was still getting busy with his fingers. He told my boyfriend
that a suite was available. It was kind of expensive but my boyfriend agreed without thinking twice because he was so pumped-up already.

As we parked in the drive-in, I was anticipating wild sex from him once we entered the room, but to my surprise, my boyfriend asked me to bend over and told me he’d do me doggie-style right in the garage. I was so excited but a little nervous that someone might catch us but I realized, hell, this is what we came here for! So I turned around, held on to his car door and bent over. He lifted my skirt up and rammed me from behind for a good 20 minutes! Although the garage door was half open, it felt so good and I didn’t care if a bellboy caught us and watched us. It was a fitting warm-up for the five rounds we did later in the room.
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Photography: Aaron Ebio
Makeup: Julie Ebio
Model: Mhay Lorenzo
Model appears for illustrative purposes only
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