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FHM Ladies' Confession: Good Morning, Dear

This wife knows how to make her man happy!
| Feb 5, 2016
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It was Christmas morning, the kids were asleep and I was lying next to my hubby in bed. I took off my nightgown and got on top of him. He woke up and felt me up nude. I immediately felt his thing get happy.

I rubbed the lips of my vagina on his thing, pushing my breasts into his face, trying to suffocate him with my love. I could feel his saliva dripping down my cleavage. He cupped both of my breasts with his hands and massaged my tits tenderly.

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I was out of breath and strength after riding him for so long but he was still very horny and really wanted to be satisfied. He grabbed unto my waist and started pounding my pussy hard while all I could do was grab a hold of his back. I felt my fingertips dig into his skin with every thrust. I screamed after every one of his vicious pumps until he finally slowed down and laid me on the bed.

He finished off on my face and whispered, "I love you, hon."
Angelica, via Facebook

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