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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Chocolate High

Putting chocolate and fingers to good use monthly…
| Apr 1, 2014
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One night while watching TV in my apartment, my boyfriend snuggled next to me and asked me to give him a blowjob. I was drawn into the TV series so I said no. My boyfriend left the bedroom, and after a few minutes returned with just a bathrobe on.

“Maliligo ka na lang? I casually muttered. But he said no. He removed his robe and shocked me with his Nutella-coated dick. It was a good trick, and he got me really turned on. He sat on the bed, made me kneel, and swallow his hard-on. While he was getting what he wanted, I must admit that I liked it, too. When I finished the Nutella off his warm penis, I went back to the kitchen for more. I gave him a wild mouth-fucking for almost half an hour before he gave me a facial when he came. I thought my boyfriend would doze off after, but he was sweet enough to return the favor. He got the jar of Nutella, spread some all over my boobs, upper and inner thighs, and my hole. While licking it all off, he was also finger-banging me, and I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure. He licked my juices when all the chocolate spread was off.

I thought it would end there, but my man was extra energetic that night. We fucked and even did other positions for the first time–one even had me squatting and thrusting him while he laid flat on his back, with his hard dick standing erect and ready to come in my hole. After several messy rounds in the bedroom, we decided to bathe and take off the sheets. Playing aloof in bed just got me into more fun.
Ms. Jones069, via FHM web page

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