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Ladies' Confessions: Dibs On The Newbies

Women do the darndest things. It’s a good thing they tell us here after…
| Jul 4, 2013
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My colleagues and I recently went on an outing. Right after work on Friday, we headed straight to a private pool in Pansol. We planned to stay there until Sunday afternoon. We brought along the new girl from the office. She was pretty and innocent looking. We invited her hot boyfriend, too. So the girls had their plans to check out the guy, and the men had their plans to teach the new girl. I wanted to do both.

The guys brought three cases of beer and four bottles of tequila to get everybody going. As early as 10 p.m. she was already drunk. Her BF had to bring her to the room. I followed them thinking that if they were going to do it, I'd offer to join in. I snuck inside, and saw the new girl alone in bed with only her two-piece swimsuit on. I went over to the bed and kissed her. Her boyfriend suddenly came out of the restroom, caught me and asked me if I was a lesbian. I said I was only checking if his girlfriend was okay. He said he was relieved that I wasn’t wasting my “assets.” I knew I had hooked him. I asked him what he meant by assets and he grabbed my breasts. I was so horny, so I kissed him torridly and he raised my legs. I led him to my room where the other ladies were already waiting—well-planned, I should say.

About two hours into our five-on-one escapade, it seemed like he wasn't getting tired. He kept banging us all–even if he wasn't that good. The other girls were keeping him busy, so I went back to the new girl’s room. She was still sleeping alone, so I went over and started kissing her. She woke up, but to my surprise, instead of pushing me away, she kissed back. We had some girl-on-girl fun; she wasn’t so innocent after all. The next morning, everyone went out of their rooms acting like nothing ever happened–the two of them didn't even have a clue about what happened to each other last night. All of us had a good smile on our faces at the end of the outing, though. That’s for sure.
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