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Ladies' Confessions: It's Payback Time!

Every woman’s dirty little secret isn’t really a secret, is it?
| Sep 7, 2013
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Some guys have a lot of nerve– ex boyfriends specifically. They inquire if you want to have sex with them on the side, while they are already in a relationship with another. An ex that cheated on me was asking if I wanted to make love to him. I agreed but I told him I’d have to punish him. He didn’t care what that meant.

So I checked in at some discreet place and texted him the room number. He was surprised to see my gay friend there—I said it was a threesome and it was his punishment! I told him that before he decided, he’d get to touch me first. He drowned his face into my ample breasts, sucking on them and futilely trying to get most of them into his mouth. He licked me everywhere until I climaxed. I kept on telling him not to stop, even if his tongue was already very tired, until I climaxed again. I told him I wanted more. He fondled me, I came again. I then found myself stroking his shaft and spitting on it for lubrication, it was so hard and engorged. My canal was also so wet and I had a very strong urge to shove it in, but I said he had to be punished first.

He was probably so horny at the time, too, so he finally agreed. I told him I didn’t want to watch, and that I’d wait in the room next door. I instructed him to call me when they were done–to his relief I guess. After some time he called me up and said they were done, and that my gay friend already left as he showered. I couldn’t stop laughing after I told him that I already went home, too. He cheated and broke his promise, and I just did the same–albeit in a different manner. And if he were ever to bother me, I would let his friends know what had just transpired.
Mshyde, from

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