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Ladies' Confessions: Little Sister Scores

This month: lesbian sisters, hot air balloons, orgmates, and an 'overworked' masseur
| Apr 30, 2013
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I’ve always been “anti-experimentation” throughout my academic life, which turned out to be pretty ironic because of what happened when I went to Caliraya on vacation.

I was there with my boyfriend and his family—particularly his younger sister. We drank one night and before I knew it, I was super drunk. My boyfriend wasn’t too keen on turning in yet, so he sent me to bed, a big one that we shared, along with his equally inebriated sister.

Instead of immediately passing out after he left to rejoin the party, something much more interesting happened. I don’t know what came over me but I indulged my bi-curious feelings with his feisty younger sibling. To make it even more deviant, I was a working girl and she, a college student. She was also very good. It was only afterward that I found out that unbeknown to her family, she was a notorious lesbian in school.
Noelle, by email

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