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Ladies' Confessions: New Lease On Life
In April 2002, we dared our female readers to share their true sex stories and fantasies. "Just spill it and we'll print it," we assured them. One hundred and twenty four issues later, tales like these still flood our inbox, and we're not complaining.
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 8, 2013
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I had just moved out from my boyfriend’s place, because we separated, when I met this cute realtor. He told me that one day he would show me around so I could finally live on my own. He called me up and told me to meet him in Quezon City, at an expensive condo high-rise, which I doubted I could afford. When he opened the door he showed me the living area, and his hands were guiding me in a very intimate way.

Just coming from a break-up, I suddenly had the urge to kiss him. So I did. He returned the favor by pulling my panties down and eating me under my dress. He pushed me to the floor, lifted my skirt and began entering me with his already throbbing cock. We did it missionary position before switching to doggy style. He even pounded me from behind outside, on the balcony. I’ve recently moved in to that condo and let’s just say it is quite the lucky pad. My life has been going well ever since. And I’m rarely horny anymore.
Jellygurl, by email


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