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Ladies' Confessions: Palawan, Here We Come!
Hot for the season, these girls are
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 4, 2012
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I once went on a vacation to Palawan with my boyfriend. I didn't know why but on the plane, we were both feeling so horny. Maybe it was the summer heat or the heat emanating from our bodies while we were seated next to each other. We just couldn't resist fooling around. Knowing that we were in an enclosed public place only heightened the thrill.

So I put my big jacket over our laps as we began to play each other under it. I spread my legs wider, allowing him to reach under my skirt. As he use more fingers, I rubbed him down harder. We both began moaning, but quietly so as not to make a ruckus. We climaxed just before we hit the ground both sweating despite the air-conditioning. It was a great way to start a very fun vacation.
Naughtyseductress, by email  

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