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Ladies' Confessions: Pervert Timing

Look out, bunnies in heat! Our voyeuristic female spies might be documenting the nasty deed! That should also serve as a warning to pervs like the one on this story...
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 30, 2012
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I’m normally a jeans type of girl, but I wore a miniskirt to work one time due to the strong rain and floods. My legs were super visible from my cubicle and I just put a hand towel over my lap to protect myself from getting ogled.

When lunchtime came, I found myself eating alone due to the absence of my workmates. A client approached me, trying to follow up on a business proposal. We chitchatted while I was having my lunch when suddenly he asked me why I was covering my legs. He told me my legs were gorgeous and that I shouldn’t cover them up. I blushed and replied, “Mahirap na, baka tigasan ka eh.” It was so awkward and I just followed it up with a sheepish laugh. He was surprised by my reply but laughed it off as well.

Before this, he kept asking me out to lunch or snacks or just to hang out. But despite his good looks, I constantly turned down all his invitations because he’s married.

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As I was packing my lunch, he suddenly grabbed the towel from my lap. I assumed he saw my undies and I was shocked at what he did. I tried to get the towel back but to no avail. He tried to kiss me so I did my best to avoid him. But then suddenly, right then and there, he opened his zipper and started masturbating in front of me. I ran out of the pantry and notified the nearest person I came across. He was so embarrassed. I haven't seen his face again since then.

Model: Yaya Han
Photography: Jay Tablante
styling: Hanna Kim
Makeup: Ara Fernando for Guerlain
Model appears for illustration purposes only
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