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Ladies' Confessions: Super Tease

Recounting the deeds women were up to last summer
| May 30, 2013
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This happened during a trip to Isabela with a guy friend. I packed my sexiest and tightest-fitting clothes in order to seduce him. We stayed in an ancestral house owned by our couple friends’ grandparents. When it came to sleeping arrangements, thankfully they let my guy friend and I share a room. I just couldn’t wait for that to happen.

It was a barrio so everyone went to sleep early. It was only 8 p.m. and we were already preparing for bed. The wife of our friend didn’t like the idea of me sharing a bed with a man, so she told us to just leave the door open. It was the middle of the night and I had my back turned to my friend, when I suddenly felt his hands caressing my butt. I laid on my back and his hands continued to caress me up to my pussy. I had to do my best to be quiet and stifle my moans. I was damn wet as he continued fingering me and licking my breasts. I didn’t complain because it was what I’d been waiting for after weeks of him telling me to stop our “friends with benefits” thing.

After I came, I bent down, covered my head with the blanket and started to lick his dick. Then I rode him and started to pump. I was careful not to make any noise that might wake people up, I was so thankful we didn’t have a noisy bed. We did two rounds every night, for three nights straight. After our last night, we left early to travel to Quirino. I wore my bikini to tease him. It was a success, I got him playing with his tongue. Finally on our way to Baler, we were waiting for our friend in a parked car and he challenged me to do a quickie inside the car. It was difficult since I was afraid that somebody might catch us, plus the car wasn’t heavily tinted. His dick was super hard, but for once, we had to actually behave.

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