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WATCH: This Is What Happens When Lesbians Touch Men Down There For The First Time

What happens when you make a video showing girls touching a penis for the first time? You get eight million views, that's what.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 6, 2016
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P-E-N-I-S. If you're on this site, you most likely have one, and you know how it brings happiness to you. As for the girls who've had contact with it? Well, what can we say? The feeling was pretty amazing. Right, girls? *wink*

But how about women-loving-women? How exactly do they feel about the phallus?

Thankfully, we've got lesbian couple Bria and Chrissy to help us out.

In a video uploaded on the BriaAndChrissy YouTube channel last December 23, 2015, the two gathered three of their lesbian friends to touch that man-thing down there. The participants were said to be doing this for the first time.

As with all first times, there was some anxiety in the air.


One of the participants said as much, who before inspecting junk, said this: "I've done public speaking and I hate public speaking. I've nearly gotten hit by a car. And this is definitely the most nervous I've ever been."

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Their reactions were interesting to say the least:

Did any of the three women change their sexual preference? Not really. But that's only because they haven't touched ours. (Alright, alright we'll stop with the dick jokes!)


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