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Women Tell You How To Not Be Like Xian Gaza

First off, don't make your intentions known through a billboard
by Khatrina Bonagua | Apr 25, 2018
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Popular celebrity suitor and online personality, Xian Gaza, is back on the “dating” scene.

After being rejected by actresses Donnalyn Bartolome, Ella Cruz, and Erich Gonzales, Gaza has his eyes set on someone new— two-time FHM cover girl, Myrtle Sarrosa. In a Facebook post, Gaza formally asked the cosplayer out to watch Avengers: Infinity War with him. He even wrote “I crush you” addressed to her for everyone to see.

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Sarrosa has yet to respond as of writing.

Gaza is known for publicly—and most of the time, in extravagant ways—broadcasting his interest in someone. The reason behind this, most probably, is that he feels he has more chances of getting a “yes” due to pressure from netizens and supporters.


Perhaps, he believes that public adoration equates to more pogi points. Well, he thought wrong. 

What we know for sure is he enjoys hogging the spotlight.

Whatever his reasons are, one thing’s for sure: some of Xian’s techniques are downright creepy.

The advent of social media has made wooing someone easier than ever. Imagine, with just a few words, emojis, Spotify links, and cute cat videos, approaching, getting closer, and eventually, asking women out has become, well, virtually effortless. And while some ladies might appreciate kind gestures done online, going overboard like Gaza may have an adverse effect.

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Here are some don’ts when trying to connect with a woman through Facebook, based, of course, on the self-confessed scammer’s experiences.

Don't post photos of her especially if you're not close (or if it's already over)


"It's okay to post pictures of me or us if we're going out or kung kami na. Pero pag di na kami, tapos nagpopost pa rin siya ng sweet photos s about us sa social media, medyo stalker na ang dating. Sure ako di kinilig si Ella Cruz sa post na 'to!" - Ana, 28

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Posting snaps of your woman will make her feel that she's special and that you are proud of her. Just remember that this only applies if you’re still dating or already in a relationship with her. In Gaza’s case, it’s a bit off since he and Cruz aren’t really friends anymore. Move on, man.

Don't post a harana video on her Facebook wall 

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"Being serenaded is sweet. But as much as possible, we prefer to hear your voice (maganda man yan o pangit) in person. Mas okay mang-harana sa personal. Kung virtual harana naman, wag mo naman i-post sa Facebook. Nakaka-touch, kaso nakakahiya sa mga makakakita! At for sure, pagtatawanan ka ng friends ko (na kasama sa pagboto ko kung sasagutin ba kita or hindi)." - Rachel, 29

If you want to express your feelings through a song, do it or through a personal message. Who knows, if she gets kilig, she might post your efforts on her social media accounts. Or if you have dreams of becoming a pop superstar, you can try singing her a song while you’re conversing on the phone or through a video call. Now that’s sweet, man (and not annoying like Gaza's music video above).

Creepy laugh + dim lights = bad combination

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"If you're inviting me to go somewhere, pwede bang yung view ang ipakita mo at di yung selfie mo, Xian? Also, bakit walang tao sa sinehan?! Kung may balak ka man, sana naman sarilihin mo na lang, please." - Joyce, 27 

Put your earphones and watch the video above. That sound will make women run in the opposite direction in a snap. If you’re trying to impress a woman, don't do it with a video that might be labelled as desperate or "too much."

Stop the yabang—just ASK her out

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"Andaming lalake na magaling lang sa pag-post post sa social media, tapos in real life, kabaligtaran sila. Masyado silang concerned sa image nila online. Nararamdaman naman ng mga babae kung ano ang totoo at fake, so useless din yung papogi at pa-impress moves mo sa Facebook. Kung gusto mo siya, make an effort to actually get to know a woman. Di kami nadadaan sa 'likes,' FYI." - Jen, 30

Instead of publicly writing a Facebook post or putting up a billboard, just ask her out. We know that rejection and being seen-zoned hurts, but being genuine instead of broadcasting your intentions to the whole wide world is the right approach. 

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