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Love is merciful

This month, our female raconteurs offer their best descriptions of the L word
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 31, 2012
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My boyfriend and I had a huge fight in his car while he was driving me home. We were shouting at each other while stuck in heavy traffic. He told me that he never wanted to see my face again, even asking me to get out of his car. I obliged. He left me and I rode a jeepney home, not knowing that he went to my house before I got there. I was surprised seeing his car parked outside. I pretended not to see his car and hurriedly went inside. Minutes later, our phone rang. It was him shouting at me saying, “Andito ako sa labas ng bahay niyo! Wala ka bang ganang lumabas!?" I told him to wait.

I went out and got inside of his car. We drove to a nearby subdivision and argued again. I was already crying like a baby when suddenly, he grabbed my hands and put it on his cock. It was already hard. My boyfriend just loves to do that after a huge fight. He wanted to do me, but we didn’t have enough cash to go to a motel, so we drove to a secluded area in the subdivision. We roamed around to find a perfect spot but couldn’t find one. Plus, his car wasn’t tinted. I told him that we should postpone it for the next day but he was determined to drill me then and there. We saw a dark spot behind the clubhouse with no guards around, so we parked there. My boyfriend unzipped his pants and then I immediately gave him head. After which I got on top of him and rode him like there was no tomorrow. It felt so damn good. It was an experience I will never ever forget.
Iloilo girl, by email

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