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Love Radio

DJ experiences a steamy encounter with her boyfriend right inside her booth.<br />
| Jun 30, 2006
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This incident happened August last year, when my boyfriend from Manila paid me a visit at work. It was actually a surprise visit since we got into a really awful fight prior and it was hard to work things out since I live in the province. I’m a radio jock, by the way, and he caught me in the middle of board work. We talked and things got a little steamy and we started making out. I was in the middle of introducing a song when my naughty boyfriend put his fingers inside my panties and played with me. At first I was really scared somebody might storm inside the booth, or that I’d be carried away with the “oohs” and “ahhs” because of what he’s doing. But I loved what he did so much that all I could do was close my eyes and focus on what I was doing. It went on and on like crazy until I was finished with my shift. And I came, too!

The chef’s wife, by email

Illustrations by: Sonny Ramirez

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