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Why Male Nipples Are Suddenly All The Rage In Social Media

Here's why you shouldn't be alarmed by the influx of male nipples in your social media feeds.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 9, 2015
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If you're quite active on Twitter and Instagram, chances are you might've already come across the latest social media trend.

A year ago, the Free The Nipple campaign was initiated to raise awareness against the double standards for female breasts in American culture, primarily its sexualization. A movie was even made about it:

Video via Film Festivals and Indie Films

One reason why #FreeTheNipple was conceived is how authorities have handled—and are still handling—cases of public indeceny in the United States. The issue has now made its way from the streets to the online world, with censorship measures of social networking sites—especially Instagram—being questioned. (Remember when almost a year ago, Facebook lifted its head-scratching nipple ban on breastfeeding photos?)

A number of celebrities have since backed the movement by challenging these sites' community guidelines, with an areola-baring IG photo of Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen the latest to be taken down.

And you'd be wrong to think that John Legend's muse would not make a great comeback:

Just recently, a new thread regarding #FreeTheNipple created buzz. So, Facebook and Instagram can distinguish male and female nipples, with only the former allowed to be uploaded, right? The ladies apparently have found a loophole:

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Using men's areolas as the perfect cover-up not only cleverly addresses the dilemma at hand, but also serves as sort of a slap in the face of sexists! Take that!

And it doesn't have to be perfectly cropped, like this one:

Free The Nipple's official Instagram account gave this simple explanation:

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