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Men's Stuff: How to Dig Her Scene

Be it at a party or a gig, in the club or in the office, here&rsquo;s how to make sure you&rsquo;ll get<br />noticed by that chick you&rsquo;ve been eyeing
by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 5, 2012
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Regardless of social stature and innate pogi level, some of us still miserably fail at making good first impressions. Let’s blame it on some proverbial man manual or uncontrollable nerves, but it’s definitely high time for us to update our approach-her arsenal. There still seems to exist a great number of women ranting about styles that belong to yesteryears’ hari ng sablay. If you want to make an intro with a fighting chance, these styles and strategies just might work for you. Try them out and score—a conversation, at least.

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