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WATCH: Men Draw Their Idea Of A Perfect Vajayjay

A hormonal teenage dude's pastime is finally documented on YouTube.
by Gelo Gonzales | May 5, 2015
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Back in April, a video featuring women drawing The Ideal Penis surfaced on the web. The results deserved a spot in an art museum:

Okay, maybe not.

Now, the men get their shot at revenge. A video from the YouTube channel, Sexperimental LOLPervs, has turned the tables on womanhood by asking men to draw their idea of a perfect vagina. Yes, what used to be a past time for high school students bored by geometry lessons but are deeply fascinated by the female genitalia, now has been documented on the Internet. 

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In the clip, the men mention several ideals that make for a perfect, pardon our Tagalog, pepe. These are:

1) "Diamond-shaped."

2) "It's inviting but not intimidating."

3) "It's got its own unique flaws and personality."

4) "Not really hairy."

5) "As long as it looks pleasing to my eye."

Now, witness the guys put their thoughts on paper here:

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