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6 Male Body Parts That Women Find The Sexiest

'Iba yung dating pag nakikita mo na para bang pumuputok yung arms sa loob ng shirt'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 22, 2016
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Men are often overheard classifying themselves as either a boobs or a butt man. Some of us are even into a woman's legs, lips, or hair.

On the other hand, the opposite sex do not often get as much airtime to open up about the manly parts that they are most into, and why.

Sure, you two really hit it off. But wouldn't it be better if you know what section of you turns her on? Not to worry, because FHM asked women regarding the matter and what they like to do with it—lights on and off.

1) Arms

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"You know why we love Chris Evan's helicopter scene in Civil War? Four letters: A-R-M-S. Iba yung dating pag nakikita mo na para bang pumuputok yung arms sa loob ng shirt. I love touching it, feeling the cuts. Kahit nasa labas pa kami, imbes na holding hands, sa arms ako nakahawak.” —Jane, 25

"Muscular arms mean they likely work out. And they may have some other muscular body parts to be discovered... At naiisip ko kaagad kung gaano kalakas yung arms niya." —Margie, 27

"I like it when a guy wears a long-sleeved shirt and then rolls up the cuffs. Wear it on our first date and you are sure to get a second one." —Marie, 24

2) Torso

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"I love a guy's torso, no matter what size it is, may abs man o dad bod. It's comforting to sink into a soft, squishy torso or to feel up a ripped one after a hard day at work." —Kat, 27

"Running my hands along my man's stomach is such a stress-relieving act. Yep, that belly is called 'love handles' for a reason." —Jess, 26

"Maliban sa masarap na tingnan, iba pa yung appeal pag merong abs. It's like having my own Magic Mike. Just imagine him in action—yummy!" —Jen, 25

3) Mouth

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"I get so weak whenever I see a man biting his lower lip while thinking. Sana ako na lang yung kumagat." —Alain, 27

"I'm attracted to a sexy mouth because it means he could be a great kisser and hopefully, he'll bring that great mouth down between my legs..." —Gwen, 26

"Press your lips together. Pout. Men look so cute whenever they make that gesture." —June, 29


4) Arm Veins

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"I can't speak for all females, but I personally find veiny arms to be very sexy." —Ina, 26

"Arm veins are like a sign of hard work—well, of hardworking arms that is. Turn on." —Andy, 28

"Bulging veins on an arm looks like veins on a bulging cock..." —Nicole, 27

5) Butt

"If you have that ass, flaunt it with those perfect-fit jeans! The tighter, the better. And yes, we do stare." —Ana, 27

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"It's fun to have something fluffy to grab while making out...and yes, something to slap, too." —Em, 29

"Just watching him do the dishes is entertaining. You forget about the laundry because his ass is doing the spin cycle." —Laura, 27

6) Eyes

"If you have no problem maintaining eye contact, that's definitely a plus. Conversation and eye contact skills turn me on." —Bella, 29

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"Use those eyes to flirt. Pwede rin kayong mag-beautiful eyes—promise, effective." —Karina, 26

"Expressive eyes—especially those eyes that squint when smiling. Makikita at mararamdaman mo by looking at his eyes kung mabuti o masama ba siyang tao kasi." —Amor, 27


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