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Confusing Millennial Dating Terminologies—Explained

'It’s complicated' has become more complicated than ever before
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 14, 2017
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Years ago, the only dating terminologies you had to know were “Mag-MU” (mutual understanding), “It’s Complicated” (for a relationship with no label), and of course, “In A Relationship" (where you actually celebrate anniversaries with that special someone.). Now, it seems like dating has become more diverse (or more complicated?), that several terms have emerged to describe certain situations. Terms like benching, ghosting, and breadcrumbing, and the newest term, love bombing are making everyone simultaneously curious and crazy.

To help you understand what the younger millennials are fussing over, here’s a brief explanation of each dating terminology online. Now tell us, have you ever been in one?

1) Ghosting

It’s when someone you’re dating suddenly disappears with no warning.

2) Haunting

When someone who previously ghosted you does something completely random, like following you on Instagram or liking a picture you uploaded, just to remind you that they still exist.

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3) Benching

Intermittent dating with no commitment. It's when you're keeping her around while still keeping your options open. When you're doing this, you're called the "bencher."


4) Cushioning

It's when you're in a relationship but have a few "cushions" (other people you date) around, so if your relationship goes bad, you have some "cushions" to fall on after the breakup.

5) Breadcrumbing

Giving someone just enough attention to keep them hanging on and hoping, but really that individual is just a plan B. 

6) Tuning

When someone continuously flirts with you but is afraid to give too much in case things don’t evolve into something more serious.

7) Love bombing

This happens when someone gives excessive attention and affection at the start of the relationship to maintain power and manipulate their partner. In short, an asshole. 

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