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13 Millennials Confess Their Kinkiest Sexual Fetishes

Kids these days!
by Chandra Pepino | Jul 25, 2018
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An entire universe of kinks and fetishes exist today that the likes of our grandparents never could have dreamed of. After all, their sexual awakening coincided with a time that it was customary for married couples to sleep on separate twin beds. From sex toys to multiple partners to inviting pain into the bedroom, it’s all we can do to stop calling millennials the real “baby boomers” around here.

Here are 13 confessions that are sure to garner an online equivalent of “Get off my lawn!”...except there’s no lawn, and it’s all about getting off.

Peeping Tom

“Voyeurism is my thing. I love the idea of being in a room while another couple ravage one another. They don’t even have to acknowledge my presence or include me in any way—I just want to be in the front seat where all the action is...and I can take care of myself.” — Jeff, 22

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Just right

“I love masturbating to cheap erotic fiction. Yes, the kind where some vaguely muscular dude with his shirt wide open is on the cover. They’re not as vulgar as a porn video, but they’re also way more satisfying than a simulated sex scene in a movie. They’re just right. And my imagination never lets me down.” — KC, 26

Won’t let you down

“I have a serious armpit licking fetish. At first it started with me nibbling on my girlfriend’s soft upper arms, until I realized it turned me on so much to lick her underarms (when she’s not wearing deodorant, of course). It’s a ticklish spot for her, which adds to the sensation of it all. Don’t judge me, there’s lots of armpit licking porn!” — Kurt, 24

Teddy bear

“This might come off as offensive, but all the best sex I’ve had has only ever been with fat guys, so I only have sex with them. I guess it’s an attempt to compensate for not having the most attractive body. But boy, are they good at oral, and in my experience, they make sure you come first. Besides, apart from a nice view, abs contribute virtually nothing to an orgasm!” — KK, 24

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Netflix and chill

“I have this weird habit that makes me cum immediately—thrusting along to the theme song of whatever show is playing on Netflix. I’ve done it to Daredevil, Archer, the Rotten documentary—you name it, I've done it. I think the steady pace is what does the trick. It’s like a sex scene with a score.” — John, 32

Hot mess

“Is this more of a weird habit than a kink? When my girlfriend and I hop into the shower together post-sex, we like to pee on one another. We joke that it’s about marking our territory to repel others like we’re in some kind of Nat Geo special, but actually, I don’t have a water heater in my apartment and the warmth is just nice.” — Tony, 25


Wake up to make up

“Sometimes I pick fights with my boyfriend knowing that the ensuing makeup sex is going to be good. That’s because even when he’s thrusting into me, he still continues the fight, saying things like, ‘You don’t think I care about you?!’ which intensifies everything for me. It’s a bad habit, but it’s a good one.” — Elyse, 21

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Bucket list

“I love masturbating in places where I’d be screwed if they realized what I was doing. I’ve done it at my office (I work in a call center with super high partition walls), at my derma’s office waiting for my facialist to come back into the room, and eeven in the car with family on a long road trip. There’s nothing like the thrill of being caught.” — Donna, 23

Keep it on

“My kink, while not exactly wild, is clothed sex. I love the idea that my guy can’t wait to be inside me that all he can do is clumsily unbuckle his belt and lower his pants just enough to do the deed. I love when my panties are just pushed aside, and when I get to keep my bra on. It’s hot.” — Grace, 22

Say hello to my little friend

“My wife has this little bullet vibrator that I use on her clit when I have to take breaks from oral sex. One time, she used it on my asshole and I think I went to heaven. I use it a lot, and I mean a lot, when she’s gone!” — Ken, 33

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Soft serve

“I love to suck a dick that starts out completely flaccid at first. It’s fun to play around with it while it’s still soft. And I like feeling it grow and harden in my mouth as I continue to lick and suck.” — Haidee, 27

Property of...

“Big hickeys. I love them. I love walking in public places and seeing the looks of shock on people’s faces when they see the red-purple marks around my neck. I especially love when my friends ask about them, like, ‘Damn girl, had fun last night?!’ The attention is such a turnon.” — Paula, 26

That time of the month

“Period sex is pretty hot, especially since my girlfriend gets extra horny during hers. And when I’m inside her it feels extra clingy and slimy, which is a little gross but also fucking amazing. We have a designated ‘period blanket’ which we use to protect the bed from the mess. That’s how often we do it!” — James, 25

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