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13 Millennial Women Confess How They Want To Be Made Love To

Sometimes, no special moves are necessary
by Chandra Pepino | Aug 19, 2018
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There are a plethora of online resources for how to treat ya girl right—we’re sure you’ve learned a thing or two from us over the years—but sometimes, it’s not about hokey sex tips or new toys you can incorporate into the bedroom. Sometimes, women crave a certain kind of lovemaking that underlines every single sex encounter you have with her, be it a quickie or a long night of sexytime. Below, 13 women tell all:

“Rushed, clothed sex is just as romantic for me as butt-naked sex. It gives me the feeling that you can’t wait to get your hands on me. It makes me feel so wanted!” — Margaret, 26

“I’ve been a control freak all my life. That’s why in bed, my biggest craving is to be dominated. I mean, you don’t have to put me in cuffs or gag me every single time, but it’s incredibly sexy when a man pins down my wrists or asks me to beg in bed.” — Keisha, 22

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“I’m newly single from a long-term relationship where my ex and I lived together. What that made me miss was the planned sex nights—the kind where we’d carve out a night to meet up at one’s apartment, sexy music, cute lingerie and all. Those are really nice because you get to prepare for sex and look forward to it, rather than it being rushed and boring.” — Auvrey, 25

“A lot of my casual sex encounters don’t involve a lot of kissing. I guess guys are afraid that kissing implies too much intimacy? But really good makeout sessions are enough to get me wet, so I really do try to initiate more lip-on-lip action for my sake.” — Tracey, 30

“It’s difficult for me to orgasm through intercourse alone. I wish more guys would take their time when they give me oral sex. It’s not just a way to get me wet so you can put yourself inside me—it’s the only way I (and many other girls) can come. And when I’m all tingly from having received oral, I tend to enjoy intercourse better, too.” — Caira, 24

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“Not sure how many women would agree with me here...but sometimes, I like to be treated like an object. I want to be pushed around (playfully!)  and commanded. My boyfriend and I enjoy this mini-roleplay where I act like his ‘sex doll,’ so I don’t moan and I don’t move either. I really like it because it allows me to stop focusing on moaning and just enjoy the pleasure.” — Marianne, 22


“Slow, deep sex. I don’t enjoy being jackhammered, and I don’t enjoy quickies either. I want to feel every inch of the man’s dick go in and out of me. It feels more meaningful that way, too.” — Nina, 25

“I like it when a man caresses my face, runs their fingers through my hair, and is really touchy-feely during sex. So positions like missionary are my favorite, because they allow for this intimacy and closeness. Doggy style very rarely gets me off—there’s too little affection.” — Diana, 26

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“Sex with all the lights off. It allows imaginations to go wild and helps me be at ease. I’m very insecure about my body, and making love in the darkness allows me to set that aside and enjoy the moment.” — Nikki, 25

“For me, there’s nothing better than sex when you’ve just woken up. I like it when my boyfriend and I can smell each other’s morning breath and see the sand in each other’s eyes. It means we’re 100% comfortable and can show our true selves. True love = good sex.” — Maita, 24

“I had a phase last year where I would only sleep with men at least 10 years older than me. I found them to be very caring not only during sex, but also after: they’d take me to dinner or order in, they’d cover for my Uber ride to work the next morning, or they’d give me a massage to help me fall asleep. Being pampered like that was nice.” — Ella, 22

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“Instead of dirty talk, my boyfriend says the sweetest things to me in bed: he’ll say he loves me so much, that he can’t wait to marry me, and that sex with me feels safe, like he’s home. We hold each other close and enjoy professing our love to each other during sex. It always makes me happy.” — Bella, 25

“Super sweaty sex is a turn-on for me. I’ll purposely ask the guy to keep the air conditioner off so that I can feel his sweat dripping down on my body. And it makes the after-sex shower such a treat.” — Clarisse, 23

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