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Today In WTF News: Model Bungee Jumps Naked, Gets Adventure Park Fined

Look what this dreadful heat is doing to people!
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 21, 2015
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What is it with people these days getting buck naked in the most unlikely places and situations?

A tourist from Hong Kong recently channeled her inner streaker during a bungee jump at Mae Rim in Chiang Mai's X-Centre, an extreme sports park in Thailand.

Reportedly a model who just wanted the footage for her portfolio, the unidentified woman, whose photos and video of the incident have started to spread like wildfire online, was said to have first worn a bikini (as seen below) but then took it off right before her jump.

Photo via Daily Mail

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While it provided a pretty darn nice view for the lucky onlookers below, it meant the opposite for the adventure company, as the now viral video and photos found its way to authorities a few days after.

The police penalized X-Centre 1,000 baht (around P1,300) for allowing the disrobed daredevil to pull off her stark-naked stunt.

"I didn't think the video and photos would be posted and criticized online," manager Bancha Chulakul was quoted by the authorities, who are also working to take down the pictures that might blemish Chiang Mai's "City of Culture" image.

The nameless nudist is said to have also been fined, but is believed to have already left the country.

Thailand has been strict with their regulations about decency, especially after a handful of reports of misbehaving tourists. The country also has its 2007 Computer Crimes Act, which outlaws any material that causes "damage to the country's security or causes public panic" or "any obscene computer data which is accessible to the public."

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But really, why are we talking about all of the non-naked stuff? We all know the NSFW reason why you came here:

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