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13 Women Confess Their Nastiest Sex Habits

A lady on the streets, a freak in the sheets
by Chandra Pepino | Jul 15, 2018
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Slow, loving, I’m-spending-my-life-with-you sex can be really rewarding, but some nights you just want things to be a little freaky. We’re not talking about a little hair pulling—we’re talking straight-up nasty, the kind of stuff you’d hesitate to tell your own best friend. Well, women are exactly the same. Below, 13 of them confess their strangest, craziest sex habits.

Gimme that rim

“I like introducing straight men to the power of their own assholes. Most of them are squeamish about getting rim jobs, but once I get started, I haven’t had a single man tell me to stop. There’s a reason God put your G-spot up your ass, guys.” — Trisha, 27

Negative pregnant

“My favorite role-play fantasy is pretending that the guy and I are in high school. Then, he ‘accidentally’ comes inside me, and we get into dirty talk about how much trouble we’re gonna be in and how we’re not ready for a baby. There’s something about the bawal factor of that situation that gets me hot.” — Leah, 24

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“I love sucking on my man’s balls. He likes when I suck hard enough that it hurts. It’s fun to push him over the limit like that. One time though, they ended up aching for days that he couldn’t even take a piss without cringing. We’ve been more careful since!” — Ada, 25

Don’t waste that production degree

“I really like watching myself on video. I get excited by the sight of myself getting fucked. My boyfriend loves to take POV videos of me going down on him. Those, we keep private. But we upload some faceless/closeup videos of ourselves to the Internet once in a while. Knowing nobody knows it’s us is a big turnon.” — Alyssa, 24

Swapping saliva

“My weird kink is spitting in one another’s mouths. My boyfriend takes it a step further, though. He likes it when I’m sick so that there’s a little phlegm when I spit in his mouth. Gross to a lot of people, I know. But we’re into that shit.” — Kiki, 22

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I swear I don’t have daddy issues...

“Some girls have daddy kinks. I’m one of them. And I promise you, it’s not because I have a messed-up relationship with my dad. I just really like the idea of an ultra-reliable, protective, providing partner. And ‘daddy’ is the best way for me to express that in bed. I don’t call my fiance that in public, though!” — Cami, 26


Best for babies up to...30 years?

“Reddit is rife with threads about couples who like to engage in ‘feeding.’ That is, the man sucking on the woman’s breast and drinking her breast milk. We had our first baby a year ago. One time, we tried it out of curiosity and found it to be an immense bonding experience. It’s the same thing, I think, with women who enjoy when their partner cums inside them. You’re taking a part of them and consuming it.” — Ria, 28

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Call me maybe

“This might not be as nasty as far as nasty habits go, but my boyfriend likes to fuck me while I’m on the phone with my parents, thesis groupmates, McDonald’s call center agents, anyone who would be especially scandalized if they knew what was going on. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty loud in bed, so I have trouble keeping my moans in.” — Carla, 22

Olympic sniffers

“Sometimes, my boyfriend takes my underwear and brings it home with him. When they’re fresh he likes to sniff them, but for the most part he keeps them in a box in his room. He likes when I’ve been in my panties all day and they smell a little fishy. So I like wearing underwear for days and days so they’re extra funky for him. Don’t judge!” — Kat, 23

Take me to the edge

“I really love when my boyfriend and I ‘edge’ one another by just rubbing our genitals together sans intercourse. He positions himself in front of me and begins jerking himself off, and the movement of his hands doubles as clitoral stimulation for me. If you haven’t tried that, you really should.” — Reina, 24

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On my way, god damnit

“I send my boyfriend the nastiest nudes only when I know he’s at work or at a family thing. Once I’ve confirmed he’s at the dinner table or at the meeting, I’ll send him a picture of my breasts, or my legs spread wide. No fucks given. He’ll always send something like ‘Ano ba ‘yan, babe!!!’ but follows it up with ‘Lagot ka sa akin mamaya.’ Haha!” — Cindy, 25

Happy crushes, happy endings

“We both acknowledge that we’ll find ourselves getting attracted to other people. We’ve been together for 8 years, so spicing things up is a necessity. That’s why we allow each other to call one another by the name of our crushes once in a while. Sometimes I’ll play along and pretend I actually am her work crush, and vice versa. It’s harmless. It also helps us stay faithful, honestly.” — Nicole, 26

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Live show

“Public sex is something I like indulging in once in a while. Sometimes I’ll give my boyfriend a handjob under the table at a very loud club, or we’ll be in a car and not care about it bouncing obviously, or we’ll do it on the balcony at his condo. Nothing too crazy, but exhilarating enough to be exciting.” — Issa, 27


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