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#NationalCleavageDay: FHM's Favorite Snapshots

The best "holiday" ever has arrived. Here's our favorite images from #NationalCleavageDay!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 28, 2014
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If you follow FHM Philippines on Instagram, you might have seen this photo below:

That's Lhea Bernardino, total FHM bombshell, and our entry to our favorite holiday of the moment, National Cleavage Day.

Apparently, it's a thing.

While it sounds like the invention of a genius who wants to trick girls into posting photos of their cleavage, the word on the Internet is that the boob-loving holiday was culled in 2002 by Wonderbra and Cosmopolitan to be celebrated in the last days of March annually. One article quotes a certain Anita Meiring, a "public relations consultant for Wonderbra," who asked women to dress up and "dare to bare their assets."

It's shady, and we can't confirm its authenticity, but we are definitely not about to complain--and waste our time reading kooky Wikipedia pages when there are women "baring their assets" on Instagram for the cheeky celebration. All we know is, cheers to Anita Meiring, whoever she is!

Below is our selection of the best tits bits from #NationalCleavageDay:

1)  After a while of staring, it comes down to "Hmm, what filter could she have used?"

2) Yes, cleavage + glasses = win!

3) Here's a pop princess, poppin' out the cleavagery.

4) Polka-dot bras are said to make boobs look rounder.

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