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Nice Guys Get Laid More Often, Study Finds

Why good boys need not go bad to get the girls
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 22, 2017
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Whoever said "nice guys finish last" got it all wrong!

A new study published in the British Journal of Psychology found that "altruists have higher mating success than non-altruists." To prove their claim right, the researchers surveyed 192 women and 105 men.

In the first part of the study, the researchers asked all participants to self-report their good deeds and frequency of sexual encounters. In comparing the participants' information, they found out that "participants who scored higher on a self-report altruism measure" are more desirable to the opposite sex.

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Because the researchers can't solely rely on the data provided by the participants themselves, they decided to put them on test. In the second part of the study, the subjects were given $100 (or roughly P5,000) in a chance to keep it or give it away. Again, they found out that those who were selfless get laid more often.


"Participants who were willing to donate potential monetary winnings (in a modified dictator dilemma) reported having more lifetime sex partners, more casual sex partners, and more sex partners over the past year. Men who were willing to donate also reported having more lifetime dating partners," the paper reads.

The researchers noted that these findings are particularly true among men. "Altruism mattered more for men's number of lifetime and casual sex partners," it adds.

The researchers further claimed that people with good traits made a better impression than any other person as it was considered that "good is beautiful."

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