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#FreeTheNipple: Do FHM Babes Like The Nipple Bikini?

A nipple-mimicking bikini has arrived. We ask FHM babes if they like it!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 27, 2014
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Back in April 2014, Instagram rolled out the ultimatum on female breast exposure: show your nipples, and they'll hide and disable your account.

This was Internet censorship—and today's selfie generation didn't like it.

Soon after, the #FreeTheNipple movement was launched in New York by actress-turned-filmmaker Lina Esco. She rallied a number of people to parade with their bare nipples while handing out "Free The Nipple" stickers. We thought it was a great idea, because it reminded us of U.P.'s Oblation Run—except, you know, less penises and more boobs.

A few months later, the next step in this boob-baring campaign comes in the form of a radical new bikini that essentially undermines what a bikini is supposed to do, which is to cover the nipples:

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The nipple bikini is officially called the TaTa Top, and these are how people have been wearing it:

Designed to give girls a way to express their need to expose nipples in a legal way (it's just a nipple print-out anyway!), we thought it was...odd-looking. But since we're not the ones who will wear them, we decided to ask the opinions of the womenfolk.

And who better to ask than our own babes? We showed the TaTa Top to some FHM hotties and asked them "Do you like it?" and other similar questions!

1) Lhea Bernardino

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What was your first impression?
Ha ha ha, kaloka! May magsusuot ba niyan? My first impression was WTF! Yun lang! Mag-ta-topless na lang ako kesa suotin ko yan.

It's a bikini they made for #FreeTheNipple movement. When do you think would be the most appropriate time to wear it?
I think puwede siya sa mga breast cancer awareness programs.

Would you wear it?
If it's for a good cause, why not? Ha ha! If for everyday wear lang, sabi ko nga, mag-ta-topless na lang ako!

The #FreeTheNipple movement asked, "If men can go topless, why can't women?" Why do you think that is the case?
Kasi, whether you like it or not, we live in a country na hindi pa masyadong open with that idea, in my opinion. Kung sa babae lang din ang pag-uusapan... It's really not okay na mag-topless sila sa kung saan-saan. Why? It's the respect that counts, sa atin ang babae pinapahalagahan, iniingatan, at nirerespeto.

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2) Amber Asuncion

Okay, first impressions?
Bastusin, ha ha! It looks like real boobs, with the flesh color and the nipples. If you wear that on the beach, you'd really grab everyone's attention.

Would you wear it?
Probably not.

Where should this be worn?
Hmm, porn?

Actually, it's being associated with the #FreeTheNipple movement, which seeks to empower women by asking "If men can go topless, why can't women?" Do you think this bikini is effective?
Siguro. Kasi sa panahon ngayon tama lang na equal yung treatment sa lalake at babae. It's okay naman kung yun yung gusto nilang ipahiwatig...but I probably still won't wear it.

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What would you tell the designer of the bikini?
You're very creative! But I find it hard to believe that it would be acceptable in our society now. 

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