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One Night Stan: 11 Movies We Secretly Jacked Off To As Kids

Master Suplado Stanley Chi makes us feel #tanders, and goes back to a time when the best fap material we had were R-rated movies!
by Stanley Chi | Jul 26, 2014
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Can you imagine life without online porn? Perhaps you can’t. But unbelievable as it sounds, we survived our horny teenage years without the Internet–thanks to movies that gave us something to clap fap about. Back when WiFi was still sci-fi, one way we could watch sex scenes was via VHS tapes and/or VCDs from our suking rental store.

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More often than not, we could barely wait to get to the part where everybody started taking their clothes off. (Thank God for the fast-forward button!) Dahil diyan, mga kaibigan, nakarami tayo.

Here, in another way for FHM to make you feel #tanders, are 11 foreign movies that we secretly jacked off to when we were young!

1)   Basic Instinct

Imagine a young and hot Sharon Stone crossing her legs…without any underwear. It’s the greatest crotch shot of its era!

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Unfortunately, Michael Douglas’s naked ass was in the movie. You might be scarred for life, but it’s probably worth it.

2)   Showgirls

If you end up dating a girl who can do Elizabeth Berkley’s lap dance in real life, you’re one lucky bastard. It’s the kind of striptease that will make you want to enter a beerhouse VIP room to relive the moment.

3)   Killing Me Softly 

If your idea of Heather Graham is sweet, pretty, and innocent, you can forget all that when you watch her in Killing Me Softly. Here, she gets banged hard, complete with a scarf around her neck.

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