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One Night Stan: Anong Klaseng Manliligaw Ka?!

Master Suplado Stanley Chi asks, "What kind of <em>manliligaw</em> are you?" in hopes of helping you become a better one in the process
by Stanley Chi | Oct 12, 2013
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Have you ever tried making damoves on your crush, thinking your pogi points are enough, only for her to say, “Mali ang diskarte mo–change it, please”? So what do you do?

Let me guess: You’ll probably call all your barkada and ask for their help. You might even call her barkada as well for extra mileage. Just to be sure, you just might call your favorite DJ and ask him for advice, plus make a cheesy song request with an equally cheesy dedication.

Please tell me I’m wrong. But if I happen to be correct, any girl who plans on ditching you is probably doing the right thing. Baduy ka kasi manligaw.

And so I present: The 10 Types of Manliligaw: Alin Ka Dito?

Of course, the only way you’ll get away with jologs courtship is if you’re actually hot. I mean, Chris Tiu hot. Even if you swam in mud, a girl will still probably say yes to you if you’re the Chris Tiu of your barangay. Otherwise, relying on tacky (read: saksakan ng baduy) ligaw moves is not going to do you any good.

Ang saklap ng life, ‘di ba? Of course, there are ways to level the playing field. It doesn’t have to be just the Chris Tius of the world that get the chicks! Some of us (not me) are born ugly and/or have zero personality (aminin!), which is why it’s necessary to resort to pogi moves that make you look cooler than you are.

If you’re not yet offended, good for you. That means you’re ready for some self-improvement. Find out which of the following types of manliligaw you are. Remember: Your panliligaw style always depends on the type of girl you’re after. Knowing is half the battle!

NEXT: We begin with the most common kind of manliligaw, the torpe!

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