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One Night Stan: Anong Klaseng Manliligaw Ka Part 2

Master Suplado Stanley Chi continues his lesson on <em>manliligaw</em> style identification, and hopes that you avoid one of the worst ones out there: the dreaded <em>feelingero</em>
by Stanley Chi | Oct 26, 2013
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Do way too many girls turn you down after you try to win them over? Do you ask permission before you start courting someone? Do you still push through with your panliligaw even if your friends (and even her friends) tell you that she doesn’t like you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have no idea how to win a girl’s heart in this day and age. Your style might've worked for women 20 years ago, but wake up and smell the pollution: It’s the 21st century!

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Types of Manliligaw: What’s Your Style?
The only way you’ll get away with jologs courtship is if you’re actually hot. I mean, Chris Tiu hot. Even if you swam in mud, a girl will still probably say yes to you if you’re the Chris Tiu of your barangay. Otherwise, relying on tacky (read: saksakan ng baduy) ligaw moves is not going to do you any good.

Ang saklap ng life, ‘di ba? Of course, there are ways to level the playing field. It doesn’t have to be just the Chris Tiu’s of the world that get the chicks! Some of us (not me) are born ugly and/or have zero personality (aminin!), which is why it’s necessary to resort to pogi moves that make you look cooler than you are.

                                                       And some of us are born to join the ranks of pogi boybands

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Last week, I listed five types of manliligaw–read it if you haven’t yet. Because I always keep my promises, I will share the remaining five types below.

6) Pa-simple pero suplado

This manliligaw is like a gun with a silencer: silent but deadly. He doesn’t make a lot of noise when it comes to pursuing a girl. Simple kung humirit, pero swabe kung dumiskarte.

If you’re the suplado type, you want to exude a mysterious aura all the time. Girls are curious about you and want to figure you out. Hey, it just might work! Just make sure that when you finally shed your suplado aura, your girl still ends up liking you for who you are.

And always remember this friendly advice from yours truly:

7) Prangka
There is no sugar-coating with this guy. The frank suitor thinks there’s nothing wrong with speaking his mind because statistics say there are more women than men. Well, he has a point.

If you’re prangka even when you’re trying to win over the girl of your dreams, you become a polarizing figure, which means girls will either like you or hate you. There will be no grey areas. It's okay to be frank, just don't be tactless. You don’t want to come off as kupal.

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